John Cena Fronting the True Lies TV Series?

That’s the going rumor from the boys at What’s Playing, who have been right on a lot of scoops lately. This latest one, though, comes from an unverified source, and so you should consider it as RUMOR only.

So, what’s the word? John Cena, WWE wrestler turned movie star, is being “looked at” as a possible lead in the “True Lies” TV series that is currently in development over at ABC.

Based on the 1994 action movie by “Avatar’s” James Cameron, the original movie starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as a mild-mannered (or at least as mild-mannered as you can be looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, natch) computer salesman by day and International spy of intrigue by night. Tom Arnold co-starred along with Eliza Dushku and Jamie Lee Curtis. That film was a hit for Cameron, though it’s considered one of his lesser films, which is saying lots when you’ve got “Terminator” and “Aliens” on your resume.

No word if this new TV version will continue where the movie ended, or if it’ll rehash the plot with the wife and daughter still clueless to the father’s secret, national security gig.

So, John Cena as a superspy. You buying?