John Cusack and Adrien Brody are Teaming up with Jackie Chan for a Chinese Epic

John Cusack, Jackie Chan, and Adrien Brody

Hollywood actors John Cusack and Adrien Brody are heading to China for the big-budget historical action epic “Dragon Blade.” The duo will be joining the film’s Chinese star Jackie Chan in a film directed by Daniel Lee that will cost its investors around $65 million, making it the most expensive movie in Chinese history.

Goes to show you that money goes farther in other countries. In a bloated and excessive Hollywood, a $65 million dollar movie would be what, a moderately budgeted film?

“Dragon Blade” will co-star Cusack as Lucius, “a Roman general who leads a legion of soldiers into China. Brody plays power-hungry Tiberius, who has killed Roman Consul Crassus and chases after Lucius with 100,000 troops.”

Chan, meanwhile, would play the “commander of the protectorate of the western regions, who teams up with Lucius to protect China’s borders and sovereignty.”

I’m not entirely sure if this is based on actual events or what. I’ve never heard of Roman legionnaires and a Chinese army going at it on the battlefield. I’m guessing no crazy flying-around martial arts, since that might look a bit odd with the Roman’s grounded infantry fighting style, right?

The expensive production has already started filming, and is due in 2015.

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Via : Variety