John Cusack Picks up Stephen King’s Cell

Cell Novel by Stephen KingDon’t pick up that phone, John Cusack! Unless, of course, it helps you find your wife and son in the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s 2006 zombie-esque book “Cell”.

Cusack, last seen in the mostly ignored “The Raven” and the upcoming “Frozen Ground” with everyone’s favorite nutcase Nicolas Cage, has signed on to star in “Cell” for producer Richard Saperstein. The two are reuniting, having previously worked together on another Stephen King adaptation, “1408”, that also starred Cusack.

In “Cell”, Cusack will play an artist who goes in search of his estranged wife and son after a worldwide pulse turns the world’s cellphone users into mindless killers, aka zombies. At least, at first. Soon, the zombies gain psychic abilities (this is a Stephen King story, after all; psychics are like his thing), which makes fighting them kinda difficult.

Geez, as if people constantly chirping on their cellphone wasn’t annoying enough…

King, who will also produce, co-wrote the screenplay with Adam Alleca (“The Last House on the Left”). “Cell” is currently looking for a director.

John Cusack in The Frozen Ground (2012) Movie Image

Via : Screen Daily