John Dahl in Talks to Direct Punisher 2

Thomas Jane has quit “The Punisher 2”, so how could they possibly move on with a movie? Much less look for a director? Easy. It’s Hollywood. If there’s money to be made, they’ll find a way to make it, by Gosh darn it. Now Freeze Dried Movies believes they know the man who will be taking over the directing reins of a Jane-less “Punisher 2”: his name is John Dahl, the former indie director (“Kill Me Again”, “The Last Seduction”) turned mainstream director with films like “Joy Ride” and “The Great Raid”.

FDM just says that Dahl is “in talks” to direct, so it isn’t a done deal. But if Lionsgate is smart, they’ll grab him. Dahl knows character, he knows brooding, and he knows noir. And I still have enough faith in the Punisher as a movie property to love this possibility of Dahl behind the cameras. I loved Jane as the Punisher, I just didn’t like the movie they put him in. I hope Jane comes back if Dahl does become attached.

Now you may ask, why would I care about a sequel to a poorly received (and justifiably so) movie? Because I bought and read every single issue of the Punisher comic books in the ’80s and ’90s and I even bought every single cross-over he ever did. That’s why.

The Punisher done right is still my hope. John Dahl can do him right.