John Hancock aka Tonight He Comes Plot Details

I’ve been a little worried about the upcoming Will Smith superhero movie “John Hancock” (formerly known as “Tonight He Comes”, but apparently even “Hancock” is not the final title for the movie), mostly because from everything I’ve seen of it, including behind-the-scenes images, seem to indicate that the filmmakers are going for a parody of the superhero genre. I mean, come on, the film is about an alcoholic superhero who is trying to reform his image with the public by hiring an image consultant played by Jason Bateman. The superhero then falls for the PR guy’s hot wife, played by Charlize Theron. That’s not exactly the makings of a serious superhero movie there, kids.

Recently the cast and crew sat down to talk with MTV about the movie, probably because the film has been sliding under the radar for a while now, and even half-finished, I don’t think it’s getting all that much traction at all with the public (aka the fanboys). Then again, nothing we’ve seen has sparked a whole lot of excitement, so it’s not our fault this thing is going mostly ignored.

In any case, here are more plot details about the film:

Originally written in 1996 and coinciding with Hollywood’s blossoming love affair with comic books, “Hancock/ John Hancock/ Tonight, He Comes” has passed through the directorial hands of everyone from Tony Scott (“True Romance”) to Michael Mann (“Heat”) to Jonathan Mostow (“Terminator 3”) and more. Behind-the-scenes talents had various takes on which of two directions the flick should go for it to properly send up the modern superhero: silly (à la “Mystery Men”) or serious (like “Watchmen”).

Berg, however, saw the script as something in between. “I don’t think it’s either. It’s a pretty straightforward superhero film,” he said. “We’re introducing a new superhero; it’s just that he’s got some problems. But at its core, this is an attempt to create a brand-new superhero.”

Actually, if you read the entire interview, it doesn’t sound like anyone knows what the hell “John Hancock” is going to be, which makes me believe this movie is going to be pretty screwed up. Charlize Theron keeps talking like she’s doing a work of Shakespeare, which is no surprise as Theron has always been kind of clueless with most things, while Berg seems prone to gritty realism, and then there’s Bateman, who seems to think it’s all a screwball comedy, or something close.

I’m telling you, I got a very bad feeling about “John Hancock”…