John Landis, Simon Pegg, and Andy Serkis Unite for Burke & Hare

You might say that I’m somewhat of a Simon Pegg fan, so it’s really no surprise that I’ve latched onto reports surrounding John Landis’ upcoming serial killer opus “Burke and Hare” the way most people follow sports, politics, or organized religion. The self-described black comedy, which also features Tom Wilkinson, Isla Fisher, John Cleese, and the always amusing Tim Curry in key roles, chronicles the exploits of real-life grave robbers William Burke (Pegg) and William Hare (Serkis), who notoriously sold stiffs to a pair of professors for medical research in the late 19th century. As evidenced by the clip provided courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, filming is already underway in Edinburgh. Considering that Pegg’s recent output has been somewhat lacking compared to his earlier work, I’m eager to see him deliver something that sets my socks on fire. Or knocks them off. I’m really not that picky.