John Malkovich Confirms he’s the Vulture in Spidey 4? Possibly.

Let me just start this article by saying, these things always have a way of turning out wrong. The problem is that someone is translating something in a foreign language, and when that happens you don’t always get all the nuances, or in some cases, you can’t verify the original source. So, having said that, there is word on the Interwebs that John Malkovich has confirmed his role in Sam Raimi’s upcoming “Spider-Man 4” movie, where he’ll be playing, he says, The Vulture.

That’s according to CinemaSpy, who quotes an Italian website, who says they translated the Malkovich interview into English. See what I mean? Way too many “I heards” in this story, which is why I started the article the way I did.

Anyways, I think it would actually be a pretty good choice if Sony has actually agreed to let Raimi have his Vulture, which at this point, I’m not so sure. Sam Raimi is a pretty big name, but come on, 95% of the people who went to see the last three “Spider-Man” movies didn’t go see it because “it’s a Sam Raimi movie”, they saw it because it’s about a guy who can climb walls. So will Sony really acquiesce and allow Raimi to have his old geezer, after all the stories that they aren’t budging? I’m not so sure…

But anyways, in case Malkovich is the Vulture, it would be dead-on casting. It would make the villain an interesting one, though I still think it would be a bad idea. The idea of a young, wise-cracking Peter Parker fighting an old geezer in green wings sounds like fun in the comic books, but it would look just odd onscreen.