John Malkovich Will Battle Zombies in Warm Bodies

John MalkovichAmazingly, John Malkovich, with his varied movie careers over the years, has never battled zombies in any of his movies. Until now, that is.

The actor is currently in negotiations to suit up in Jonathan Levine’s post-apocalyptic zombie flick “Warm Bodies”, a role that will find the actor playing the stout General Grigio, the leader of a large band of humans that have managed to survive the zombie apocalypse. The humans reside inside the city’s football stadium, which they’ve turned into mini-New York, with towering apartment complexes, streets, and the like. Outside the stadium’s walls, though, the zombies lay in wait.

Based on the book by Isaac Marion, “Warm Bodies” will star Nicholas Hoult as R, a zombie who regains self-awareness and a little bit of his humanity, though he doesn’t quite understand how, or why. R’s newfound humanity is tested when he runs across comely human girl Julie (Teresa Palmer). To make matters worse, R has just eaten Julie’s boyfriend, and by eating the boyfriend’s brains, R is reliving the memories of the man’s time with Julie.

The film also co-stars Rob Corddry as M, R’s only friend among the zombies. Like R, M is beginning to regain some of his lost humanity. Just in time, too, because another, final war between zombies and humans is about to erupt once again.

Gotta say, Malkovich would bring the perfect combination of stubbornness and just plain loco to the role. Grigio is quite the bad guy in the Marion novel, and I suspect Malkovich will easily bring the character to life.