John McClane Set to Destroy Tokyo in Die Hard 6 (aka Die Hardest)?

Bruce Willis in A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) Movie ImageLooks like John McClane is packing his bags again. Hopefully he didn’t unpack everything from his recent adventures in Moscow, where he blew up half the country trying to save estranged son Jack.

So what’s up next for the man who keeps getting stuck at the wrong place at the right time? He’s turning Japanese, apparently.

That’s according to Total Film, who says they’ve been alerted by British writer Ben Trebilcook that he has been tapped to write a treatment for the sixth entry, which, they say, will also be called “Die Hardest”. Which is pretty damn silly, but I guess it’s no sillier than “Live Free or Die Hard” or “A Good Day to Die Hard”.

Whereas McClane had to take on Russian thugs in “A Good Day to Die Hard”, it appears McClane will be going up against Japanese bad guys when he goes to Tokyo in the sixth movie. The film, we’re told, will open in New York, before flying around the world to Japan, where much of the action will be set.

According to Trebilcook, his treatment will be “extremely faithful to the franchise and characters and is a natural progression. It’s also a very plausible storyline.”

Heh. “Plausible storyline”. Dude, this is a “Die Hard” movie. Who needs or wants “plausible”???

Of course, while Trebilcook will no doubt be paid good money to knock out a treatment, you can expect a handful of other writers to come onboard long after he leaves. This is a big-budget Hollywood studio action movie, after all. These things invariably always goes through a bunch of writers from treatment to production to, finally, screen.

And while I liked Jai Courtney as McClane’s son, I really don’t need to see him in the sixth movie. Sorry, Jack.

Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney in A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) Movie Image