John McTiernan is Getting Out of Federal Prison and Already Has a Directing Gig

John McTiernan on the set of Rollerball (2002) Movie Image

Man, I remember the last time I wrote about director John McTiernan — back in 2010, when he was going to federal prison for illegally wiretapping a producer on the Godawful “Rollerball” remake. It was pretty big news, especially because McTiernan is responsible for some really awesome action movies, from a pair of “Die Hard” flicks (including the original), “The Hunt For Red October,” and “Predator.” He also directed the aforementioned “Rollerball,” but hey, no one’s perfect.

Well, McTiernan has served his time and is due out of the federal pen later this month, and he didn’t waste a whole lot of time landing a directing gig.

The director, whose last movie was the military thriller “Basic” in 2003, has signed on to direct the heist thriller “Red Squad” for Hannibal Classics. Written by Cam Cannon and Jorge Suarez, “Red Squad” would follow “a former DEA agent with a rogue streak and his select team of mercenaries who descend upon a Mexican border town to neutralize a drug lord.”

My guess is, this will result in lots of stuff blowing up real good and lots of people getting shot real bloody like.

Let’s just hope McTiernan doesn’t get the itch to, er, ease drop on the producers of this movie. Ahem.

Via : Variety