John McTiernan to Direct Chase Movie Run

No one does action better than John McTiernan. Yes, it’s been a long while since he kicked so much ass that it hurt with “Die Hard” (1988), but since then he has had a lot of hits (“The Hunt for Red October”, “Predator”), but also a lot of failures (“Medicine Man”, “Last Action Hero”). McTiernan’s last movie was 2003’s “Basic”, and now he’s back with the $30 million dollar actioner “Run”, which is being described as having a staggering 100 pages of nothing but car chases. Holy crap, them’s lottsa car chases, folks. The film will star Karl Urban (“Pathfinder”) and start shooting in August in London.

In the film, Urban will play an Interpol agent who, while pursuing a murder suspect, uncovers a fraud conspiracy. Which leads to car chases. Lots and lots and lots of car chases. But if anyone can make 100 pages of car chases worthwhile, it’s John McTiernan.

“100 pages of car chases? Damn!”