John Moore to Direct Die Hard in a Hotel Movie The Englishman

Bruce Willis, Sebastian Koch, John Moore and Jai Courtney on the set of A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) Movie Image

I guess it makes sense that John Moore is directing “The Englishman”, which, purely from the plot synopsis, sounds a lot like a “Die Hard in a …” movie. He did, after all, just finished directing the latest “Die Hard” film, “A Good Day to Die Hard”, which as it turned out, was barely a “Die Hard” movie.

Here’s the official synopsis for “The Englishman”, a film that Moore has officially signed on to direct for Foresight Unlimited and Envision Entertainment:

THE ENGLISHMAN is a true story based on the book “Once a Pilgrim” by Will Scully. It unfolds in real time as Scully, an ex-SAS officer turned mercenary, gets caught up in a military coup in Africa. Trapped in a hotel together with thousands of innocent civilians and completely surrounded by hostile rebels, he single-handedly takes on the enemy until he can get all the civilians safely evacuated.

Okay, maybe a cross between “Die Hard” and “24”. Or, “24: Die Harder”?

It’s supposedly based on a true story. The operate word there being based. “Terminator 2’s” William Wisher wrote the script, with “The Englishman” set to shoot in South Africa early next year.

There are no stars attached as of yet.

Once a Pilgrim Book Cover