John Rhys-Davies Will Not Return as Dwarf, May Defect to Elves

gimliJohn Rhys-Davies told Empire recently that he had turned down the opportunity to play Gloin, Gimli’s father, in The Hobbit, stating unequivocally that he had already ruled it out. I’ll forget for the moment the possibility that Gimli could have been his own father and focus instead on his apparent willingness to return to Middle Earth. He said, of being contacted to play the part:

“It was just a gentle “What would you feel about putting it on again?” But no. I’d be interested in trying to create a different type of persona within… the thing. That is challenging as an actor. I’d really prefer to play something quite different. Maybe an Elf. They’ve got a different set of problems with The Hobbit because you’ve got 13 dwarves, a whole band of them… You’re trying to represent a whole race… You’re trying to do for dwarves what The Lord of the Rings did for hobbits.”

It’s difficult to tell if he’s being facetious about the elf thing, but apparently he wants to do something more distinctive, something that would give him a different angle as an actor. He also claims that he would like a part beyond a mere few shots. He wouldn’t make a very elegant elf though (there’s a reason why he was cast as the dwarf). It’s been awhile since I’ve read the book, but I believe that Smaug talks. Maybe he can be Smaug. Beyond that, it’s hard to conjure up many parts for him to play, given his particular desires.