John Singleton Fights Aliens in Executive Order: Six

John Singleton was supposed to direct a lot of movies lately, including “Luke Cage” with Tyrese Gibson and “Tulia” with Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry. Both projects have been scrapped, with “Cage” never having gotten off the ground, and “Tulia” sidelined when Berry became preggers. Now Singleton is setting his sights on “Executive Order: Six”, an original script that sees Singleton, who burst onto the scene with the indie drama “Boyz in the Hood”, tackle his first science fiction/action movie. Good luck, brother.

More about “Executive Order: Six’s” plot:

Philip Eisner’s script, based on a story he wrote with Robbie Consing, follows the residents of a small, snowbound town, who band together to fight a mysterious horror that turns out to be an alien being unleashed by a plane crash.

Lawrence Bender and Karen Barber will produce.

Man, it sure sucks living in snow-covered towns, huh? First vampires attack a small Alaskan town covered in snow in “30 Days of Nights”, then Kate Beckinsale goes in search of a killer in a snow-covered town in “Whiteout”, and now aliens attack in another snow-covered town. See, this is why I only live in snowless covered towns.

John Singleton Fights Aliens in Executive Order: Six