John Singleton Front Runner to Direct Taylor Lautner in Abduction

“Abduction” will be an intriguing movie — can a Taylor Lautner movie sans the “Twilight” moniker open a film? That’s what Hollywood is betting on because Lautner’s latest, the thriller “Abduction” looks like it might just go into production before any of the many, many movies that he’s been recently linked to, including the big-budget “Stretch Armstrong” franchise. According to the LATimes, John Singleton of “Boyz in the Hood” fame is the front runner to direct Lautner, but he might have to fight off Gary Fleder (“Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead”) first.

The “Bourne”-esque “Abduction” has Lautner playing a teen who discovers that his past might be a lie when he stumbles across his baby picture in a missing-persons database. A chase ensues as the teen goes in search of his real identity, and somehow the Government and shadowy spooks get involved. Lionsgate paid a cool $1 million for the spec script by first-timer Shawn Christensen.

Production on “Abduction” may get going as early as this Summer.

Abduction in the Hood in the Hizzouz!