John Singleton Struck and Killed Woman with SUV

Friday was a bad day for John Singleton. The “Boyz in the Hood” director accidentally struck a woman with his SUV when the woman failed to use a designated crosswalk while trying to cross the street. The reports state that the woman was taken to a hospital after the accident, where she unfortunately died. Fortunately for Singleton, he seems to have been free from any sort of mind-altering substance (drugs, booze, etc) during the incident. Unfortunately, or perhaps inevitably, Singleton’s fame will probably come back to bite him, and I doubt if this unfortunate accident will be allowed to be just that.

More from CNN:

Oscar-nominated director John Singleton accidentally struck and killed a pedestrian, a Los Angeles police spokesman said late Friday.

Constance Russell, 57, of Los Angeles, died at a hospital a few hours after the accident Thursday evening, Los Angeles Police Officer Jason Lee said. Russell was not using a crosswalk when she stepped in front of Singleton’s car, Lee said.

According to a preliminary police investigation, Singleton was not under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other substance and was permitted to leave after being questioned.

Most recently, genre fans have been waiting for John Singleton to finally make two comic book movies: Luke Cage and the Black Panther.

He was also scheduled to helm a movie called “Tulia”.