John Singleton Talks The A-Team Movie

The boys over at Collider got an interview with director John Singleton about his upcoming “A-Team” movie. Among the gems from the talk was the fact that Singleton is eying Woody Harrelson to play Murdock, and that the studio is looking at a franchise and not a single, stand-alone movie.

Singleton also tells us that the script, by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, is done, and that he expects to start shooting in “the next few months”, depending on how fast they can get the cast together. As of right now, no one has signed on to the film project yet.

Also, Singleton said this about the movie’s tone (via):

Well, as where Four Brothers was my homage to 70’s action films, this is my homage to the 80’s action movies… It’s kind of like what they did with the Bourne movies – no nonsense but with a humor, with action. You know what I mean, wall to wall kicking ass and talking shit.

I can dig it.

John Singleton Talks The A-Team Movie