John Travolta May or May Not Star in the Remake of John Woo’s The Killer

John Travolta “The Killer”, a remake of the 1989 John Woo Hong Kong shoot-a-thon of the same name, has been gestating in Hollywood for what seems like an eternity now. As recently as last year, South Korean director John H. Lee was said to be directing the remake, which would star South Korean actor Jung Woo-Sung (“Reign of Assassins”) in the title role of a contract killer who develops a guilty conscience after inadvertently blinding a singer during one of his hits. Woo himself would have produced.

But, well, that was a year ago, and the remake hasn’t gotten any new legs. Until now, perhaps.

According to ScreenDaily, Travolta is quoted as saying he’s “entertaining the possibility of doing” the remake, which is apparently still set to be directed by Lee from a script by Josh Campbell. And because John Travolta knows how much you crazy kids love having fake things fly in your face while you’re watching your movies, the film is expected to be in 3D.

Then again, Travolta is just “entertaining” the possibility of doing the remake, he doesn’t say he will.

So again, this could happen, or it might not. Frankly, the original was such a classic, that it doesn’t need to be remade. Especially with something as so unnecessary as 3D. “The Killer” was a ballsy, ultra violent action movie. Nothing about it makes you think, “Gee, this would look super good in 3D!” After all, how many times can a bullet come flying at you before it becomes tedious?

If Travolta does sign on, this would be a reunion for him and producer John Woo. The two previously worked together on one of Woo’s Hollywood pictures, 1997’s “Face/Off”.

Nicolas Cage and John Travolta in  Face-Off (1997) Movie Image

Via : IGN