John Woo Updates HardBoiled 2, Romeo and Juliet-ish Movie?

John Woo is busy prepping his Chinese epic “Red Cliff” to smash some teeth on the International scene, but in the meantime he’s prepping a number of projects, some that sounds familiar, others that are new to us. Of those projects, the most highly-anticipated Woo movie is, without a doubt, a sequel (or prequel) to his “Hard Boiled”, which originally starred Chow Yun Fat and Tony Leung (the star of Woo’s “Red Cliff”). From what I can gather, “Hard Boiled 2” is now going by the title “Stranglehold”, based on the videogame that Woo created as a prequel to his movie “Hard Boiled”. Confused? Don’t be.

Speaking to Empire, Woo drops some bad news about the “Hard Boiled” sequel, namely the fact that he will only produce it, and probably not direct. Also, the chances of Chow Yun Fat returning as Tequila, the film’s main character, remains in doubt. Woo doesn’t mention that the sequel has changed its name to “Stranglehold”, so it leaves me to wonder if we are talking about the same movie after all.

Meanwhile, Woo says that his Chinese civil war movie “1949” has fallen by the wayside, and that he is no longer attached or involved in the film in any capacity. But he is excited about another Chinese epic that he has in the developmental stages, one that will be just as epic as “Red Cliff”. Woo describes it as “like a Romeo and Juliet love story.” He adds: “A love story, but with war scenes.”

Of course it would have war scenes. What would a John Woo movie be without scenes of people hacking or shooting each other? It would be, you know, NOT a John Woo movie.