John Woo’s Pan-Asian Period Love Story The Crossing Starts Shooting

John Woo on the set of Red Cliff (2008) Movie Image

John Woo’s “The Crossing” (formerly “Love and Let Love”) has officially kicked off production in Asia, and the “Face/Off” director back behind the camera for the first time in 4 years after helming the two-part war epic “Red Cliff”. That film starred guys on horseback fighting with swords, but Woo somehow still managed to put them in a stand-off where they’re pointing weapons at each other.

From the sounds of it, there probably won’t be that kind of stand-off action in Woo’s “The Crossing”. Set in 1949, the film will follow “three couples from different backgrounds who make a fateful voyage on a ship fleeing China to Taiwan.”

The Pan-Asian cast includes the likes of Tong Dawei, Huang Xiaoming, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Masami Nagasawa, and “The Grandmaster” co-stars Zhang Ziyi and Song Hye-kyo. Woo will direct from a script by Wang Huiling, who counts two Ang Lee films under his belt, “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Lust, Caution”.

The film is supposed to be an epic love story, but knowing Woo, he’ll probably manage to toss in some action scenes in there. Maybe with lots of explosions, cool slow motion shots, and gunplay. It wouldn’t really be a Woo movie otherwise, would it?

In case you’ve never seen “Red Cliff”, John Woo knows how to do epic:

Via : Variety