John Woo’s Stranglehold Game Demo Trailer

I’m not going to pretend I’m “plugged in” to the gaming world, so I won’t tell you what they’re using to run the John Woo game “Stranglehold”, but I can tell you one thing: “Wait a minute, didn’t I already play this game, and wasn’t it called ‘Max Payne’?” Which is not surprising, since the gamemakers behind “Max Payne” were fans of John Woo’s movies. And once you see Chow Yun Fat’s game character, Tequila, leap across a room in slow-motion (or “Matrix”-like “bullet-time”), you’ll start thinking that “Stranglehold” is taking more than a few liberties BACK from “Max Payne”.

The game itself is supposed to be a sequel to the John Woo movie “Hard-Boiled”, although from the demo trailer (below), it actually looks more like you’re running through the movie itself, not a sequel to it.

But anyways, it’s not a complete retread of “Max Payne”. Tequila gets to do some pretty nifty stuff, like slide along tables and even do combos off walls like Neo in “The Matrix”. The damage engine is also pretty impressive. I love how walls and objects just explode like concrete when they’re shot. Again, more “Matrix” inspirations.

Get strangled on the PC Aug 27, 2007.