John Woo’s Stranglehold Gets Director, Some Progress

ScreenDaily has an article about the current slate of films being teed up by the Chinese-based production company Homerun Asia, one of which is the long-in-gestating John Woo “Stranglehold”. According to SD, the film, based on the Woo-produced videogame “Stranglehold”, has found a director in Hong Kong actor Stephen Fung (“House of Fury”), and the plan is to shoot the movie in Singapore and the U.S. with a $20 million dollar budget.

Previous reports has “Stranglehold” being a prequel to Woo’s “Hard-Boiled”, that would follow a younger version of Tequila (the character played by familiar Woo muse Chow Yun Fat in the movie). The film will be based on the videogame, which if you’ve never played it, is basically the Chinese equivalent of the “Max Payne” games, which is ironic given that the “Max Payne” games were homages to Woo’s movies.

Terence Chang and John Woo will produce “Stranglehold”, which is still looking for a start date.

John Woo's Stranglehold, starring a Chinese Max Payne.