Johnny Depp as the Riddler is News to Johnny Depp

Hey, kids, remember that casting rumor that had Johnny Depp playing the Riddler in a still untitled “Batman Begins 3”? Someone mentioned it, some newspaper decided it was good enough to print it, and movie blogs everywhere picked it up. Of course we all knew it was bullshit when we posted it, but hey, it was probably a slow news day. The fact is, there isn’t a script for a “Batman Begins 3” movie, which means villains have not been chosen, much less “casting rumors” for the actors to play them. Heck, Christopher Nolan hasn’t even said if he would come back for a third outing behind the director’s chair. But hey, it was fun to talk about, right?

Anyways, we finally have Depp responding to the casting rumor via the Comic Book Cynic / Via. Depp was on, of all things, a Florida radio show promoting a reunion gig for his band The Kids, and the question came up:

Host: Hey Johnny, a listener called in earlier said you have to ask about the rumors on the internet of you doing the Riddler.

Depp: Oh yeah I heard about that. Not that I know of.

Host: You’d be a good choice.

Depp: It seems like it’d be a fun gig for a while, yeah.

You can actually listen to the radio interview for yourself in the YouTube video below. The “Batman Begins 3” stuff comes up at around the 3:44 mark.