Johnny Depp is Kinda a Charming Moron in First Mortdecai Trailer

Mortdecai (2014) Movie Title Banner

David Koepp’s “Mortdecai,” starring Johnny Depp as some kind of dimwitted but rich British dude named Mortdecai, might actually be pretty good. Or at least, pretty kooky. But I doubt if it’ll do very much business at the box office unless Depp breaks out the mascara and start swaying around saying, “Arrrgh, me pirate booty!” Or some such.

But personally, I think it looks interesting. Even funny. If nothing else, Paul Bettany’s reaction to being called a manservant is priceless. Sunday afternoon viewing, perhaps?

Juggling some angry Russians, the British Mi5, his impossibly leggy wife and an international terrorist, debonair art dealer and part time rogue Charlie Mortdecai (Johnny Depp) must traverse the globe armed only with his good looks and special charm in a race to recover a stolen painting rumored to contain the code to a lost bank account filled with Nazi gold.

Starring Johnny Depp, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan McGregor, Olivia Munn, with Jeff Goldblum, and Paul Bettany.

Charlie investigates this February 6, 2015.

Johnny Depp in Mortdecai (2014) Movie Image