Johnny Depp is NOT Playing Doctor Strange


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Chalk this one up to another rumor gone astray. Probably.

Following yesterday’s scoop by Latino-Review that Johnny Depp was meeting with Marvel about possibly slipping on the cape to wield some magic for the studio’s long-in-development “Doctor Strange” movie, Deadline is today reporting that it’s not gonna happen. Apparently it was never even close to happening.

Writes the site:

I’m told by Marvel moles there is really nothing to this rumor about Johnny Depp playing Steven Strange in Dr. Strange for Marvel Studios. The story’s being bannered by Variety online, but don’t dress for it. I’m told that Depp was approached eons ago, and it never went anywhere.

Bummer. I kinda liked the idea of someone with Depp’s pedigree playing the Marvel sorcerer.

Then again, Marvel is pretty notorious for keeping a straight face about casting … right up to the moment when they finally reveal the rumor to be true. So I wouldn’t be surprise at all if this actually did happen in a few months.

It’s interesting, though, that they do confirm Marvel approached Depp back in the day. Maybe Depp has since changed his mind…?

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  • Lexavi80


    • Juggernaut

      Agreed. He wouldn’t be a bad choice neccissarily but I think that there are a lot of actors who would be better suited for the role.

      • Dedpool

        Your Oscar Isaacs casting was good. I like my Luke Evans as well. Cary tagawa as Ancient One and Liam Neeson, or maybe Antonio Banderas as Baron Mordo.

        • Juggernaut

          Now I hear that they are close to signing Jon Hamm as Dr. Strange! Not sure how reliable that is though.
          I always saw Clive Owen as Baron Mordo. I like Joaquin Phoenix for a younger Mordo. Javier Bardem and Mads Mikkelsen could also be cool for the role.
          Cary Tagawa was and is my one and only choice for The Ancient One though. Who would you cast as Clea? I like Rosamund Pike for a younger version or Jessica Chastain as a bit older Clea myself.

          • Dedpool

            All solid choices. I really like Mads for Mordo now!

  • sin isfree

    a movie about super lame character, why bother..

    • Dedpool

      I’m sure the people at New Line cinema said the same thing about Blade. If they spin this right it will be very interesting