Johnny Depp Set for an Uncredited Cameo in 21 Jump Street Movie

I gotta say, the idea of the fat kid from “Superbad” and the stiff muscle guy from “G.I. Joe” teaming up to do a comedy/action movie based on an ’80s Fox TV show about young-looking cops going undercover in high schools to fight crime isn’t exactly lighting my fire. But this is certainly interesting news:

EW is reporting that Johnny Depp’s much-discussed “will he, won’t he” cameo in the big screen version of his old Fox show “21 Jump Street” is very “likely to happen”. It would be a small role, an uncredited appearance in the movie, and if the writers are clever, they’ll write in Depp’s Tom Hanson character from the show, now as a ball-busting Lieutenant or Captain or some sort who dresses down the “loose cannon” cops played by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

I never really had any doubt that Depp would do this. He seems like the kind of guy who would do it just for a laugh and not even take any money or credited appearance for it.

Maybe they can get Peter DeLuise to join Depp…?