Johnny Depp Will Probably Shoot the Dark Shadows Movie Next

Word has it Johnny Depp’s next movie will be a big-screen adaptation of the TV show “Dark Shadows”, which would reunite Depp with his old buddy Tim Burton as director. The two most recently scored major bucks with the 3D “Alice in Wonderland”. At last count, I believe this will be the, um, 216th film they’ve worked together. Or thereabouts.

Of course, Depp has been attached to “Dark Shadows” for years now, and the film has never gotten anywhere close to going into production. This time may be different, though, with Warner Bros. officially setting an April start for “Dark Shadows”.

In the film, Depp would play Barnabas Collins, one of those heart-broken, tortured vampires searching for his reincarnated lost love. As I recall, the original “Dark Shadows” TV show was remade into a new short-lived TV series starring Ben Cross and Joanna Going. According to, the second incarnation of the show also co-starred a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, though I don’t recall him in it. Then again, there was Joanna Going in her prime, and you know, I didn’t pay much attention to a whole lot of background with her onscreen.

If Depp has indeed committed to “Dark Shadows” as his next movie, it means he won’t be available for a number of other high-profile projects he’s been attached to, including Kathryn Bigelow’s “Triple Frontier” and “Snow White and the Huntsman”.