Jon Bernthal Talks About His Walking Dead Exit


Jon Bernthal in The Walking Dead TV Series

By now you probably already know that Jon Bernthal, aka Shane, was killed off (not once, but twice) on last week’s “The Walking Dead”. Don’t cry for Bernthal, though; the actor already has a new gig with his former “Walking Dead” producer/writer Frank Darabont as the lead in TNT’s “L.A. Noir”, and the actor tells SiriusXM’s Covino & Rich Show that he’s also scheduled to shoot a movie in Georgia that would keep him around the “Walking Dead” set.

But what about leaving the show, Jon? The actor talks candidly about getting killed off, being “fired”, and drops an F-bomb or two (or a dozen) about the “dicks” at AMC. And apparently coming back as a zombie wasn’t very cool with Jon, since by being killed off twice (shot by Carl in the head, no less), it means he has no opportunities whatsoever to return to the show as a zombie in future episodes. I gotta agree with Jon on that one. That was a pretty dick move on the part of AMC’s writers.

Warning: It’s SiriusXM, so the language is pretty salty.

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  • Dedpool

    Nope it wasn’t! Hell he should be happy his character survived this long. Yes I know the changes were made a long time ago, but not much else was going to happen with Shane, and it kinda had to end the way it did as his downward spiral into madness has been a slow burn for a while and it had to come to a head. In the comic Carl shot Shane throught the neck, and Rick killed Zombie Shane the next issue. Them writing Shane’s death the way they did was an homage to that. They rversed the roles in the killings but it was pretty much the same. Besides seeing zombie Shane just show up out of nowhere in Season 3 or 4 would’ve been kinda cheesy. We haven’t seen the zombie version of dude they left by the road in season 1.

    All that said I’m sure AMC execs were still at fault for the whole Darabont thing which led to Bernthal basically packing it up, but i still think they had it in for Shane by seasn’s end anyway

    • clarkspark

      I wholeheartedly agree with Dedpool.

    • Matthew Romano

      Your last point doesn’t make much sense. Shane was already planned to be killed off even before Darabont was canned. He and Kirkman originally planned for the character to die in the first season, but since it was only six episodes, they decided to move the death to the second season.

      • Dedpool

        What I meant was that the whole him being killed off twice didn’t allow for him to come back as a zombie later. I know they planned to kill him off no matter what, and i figured with such a short season they’d keep him around til the middle or end of Season 2.

  • Lucius

    I wholeheartedly disagree with dedpool. the show sucks so much now, no zombies and just hours and hours of incredibly ugly people crying and romancing like the worst soap ever.
    they should all die and cancel this mess, but the first to die should be that dumbass dogface rick, his incredibly annoying idiot wife and the horrid kid. then all the other useless crying idiots.

    • Dedpool

      You must’ve missed the last few episodes. Huge zombie fight at the school or whatever when they first tried to get rid of Randal. Then there was the next episode, then the season finale will have a horde of them. I agree Lori has to get her shit together though, and Carl is a kid, i expect his stupidity, I don’t like it that his parents take so long to say something though.

    • justjoe

      So you like good looking people being eaten by hordes of zombies? No problem, I´m sure there enough stuff in the lower shelfes of the rental store next door for you to be satisfied.

    • Mythwa

      I kind of agree with you Lucius.Shane was the only thing left that made the show interesting. Would have been so much better if the wife had been killed instead.

  • justjoe

    I liked that they kept Bermthal´s Shane so long in the show but I´m also ok with him leaving the show at that point. He was a pretty intriguing character but I don´t know who long they could have stretched the tension between Rick and Shawn without it feeling forced.

    • Dedpool

      My point exactly. I liked that they kept him around for this long, it allowed the tension to build more naturally, but keeping him passed this season just didn’t seem right. it would have forced more tension where there will already be enough.

  • Juggernaut


  • Nina Kalu

    I love shawn, his character and personality…..everything about him i just kinda hope he didnt die…