Jon Bernthal Talks About His Walking Dead Exit

Jon Bernthal in The Walking Dead TV Series

By now you probably already know that Jon Bernthal, aka Shane, was killed off (not once, but twice) on last week’s “The Walking Dead”. Don’t cry for Bernthal, though; the actor already has a new gig with his former “Walking Dead” producer/writer Frank Darabont as the lead in TNT’s “L.A. Noir”, and the actor tells SiriusXM’s Covino & Rich Show that he’s also scheduled to shoot a movie in Georgia that would keep him around the “Walking Dead” set.

But what about leaving the show, Jon? The actor talks candidly about getting killed off, being “fired”, and drops an F-bomb or two (or a dozen) about the “dicks” at AMC. And apparently coming back as a zombie wasn’t very cool with Jon, since by being killed off twice (shot by Carl in the head, no less), it means he has no opportunities whatsoever to return to the show as a zombie in future episodes. I gotta agree with Jon on that one. That was a pretty dick move on the part of AMC’s writers.

Warning: It’s SiriusXM, so the language is pretty salty.