Jon Chu Officially off Masters of the Universe


Masters of the Universe

This was probably expected — Jon Chu is officially off Columbia’s planned reboot of the “Masters of the Universe” franchise. The man behind the “Step Up” films (barf) and recently, “G.I. Joe: Retaliation” (meh) was previously attached to a third installment of the “G.I. Joe” franchise, which made his participation in “Universe” unlikely.

It looks like that’s now official. So sorry, fans of Jon Chu.

Though if you like your movies good, then this is probably good news, since Chu has not exactly grasped the concept of storytelling and logical plot progression yet, if all those “Step Up” movies and “Retaliation” are any indication. No, Jon Chu, these are not music videos! Things actually do have to make SOME sense, man! Ahem.

Let’s face it, Prince Adam’s continued adventures can only benefit from Chu’s absence.

Meanwhile, though the film has lost a director, it’s gained a writer in Terry Rossio, one half of the ubiquitous Rossio-Ted Elliott duo, who have penned everything from the “Pirates” franchise to the recent box office bomb “The Lone Ranger”.

What does all of this mean for He-Man and company? Since it’s getting a new writer and losing a director, probably 2-3 more years of development. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for a He-Man movie anytime soon, kids.

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  • Dedpool

    Hmmms. I have no idea who could direct this at this point. Hell see what Del Toro is doing. He’d put a crazy spin on it and make it fun too! He’d get to do an epic fantasy piece sprinkled with sci-fi and with no other director’s mark on it for decades.

    • leon

      Del Toro has so many things planned he won’t be doing this i would rather see another Hellboy movie or something new and original by Guillermo. About He-Man common there’s like a 100 cooler things to make into movies or new movie franchises.