Jon Chu Says Channing Tatum’s Duke Could Return for G.I. Joe 3

Dwayne Johnson, Channing Tatum and Adrianne Palicki in G.I. Joe Retaliation (2013) Movie Image

“Whoa, whoa, guys, don’t crowd the magic, okay?”

By now you probably know that Channing Tatum’s Duke dies pretty early on in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”. That’s not a spoiler, right? Oh well, even if it is, it’s such a shitty and pointless death anyway, who cares. So, with Duke blown to smithereens in the second movie, what are the chances he might come back, especially now that Channing “Magic Briefs” Tatum is a really big deal?

According to “Retaliation” director Jon Chu, who is once again helming the third part, it’s definitely a possibility. The director tells MTV:

You never know. Storm Shadow died in the first one and came back in the second one, and then other characters have died and never come back. The G.I. Joe world, the best thing about it is you never know who’s coming back and who’s not.

Of course, whether he comes back or not will probably depend on whether Tatum cares to come back. At this point, he’s probably too busy to do a bit part. They’d likely have to write a bit role for him — like, say, make him the lead instead of the Rock — for him to even return, I’m guessing.

In any case, as to the plot of the third “G.I. Joe” movie, Chu promises that he will be “taking it to another level with this one”, and that “it’s gonna be a really fun movie. We’re taking it in a whole new direction.”

Whoa. A whole new level and a whole new direction? Does that level and direction include a coherent storyline and narrative flow that actually makes sense and isn’t just connected by a series of cool action sequences? Gee, we sure hope so. Then again, who wouldn’t want more sweet stuff like this clip below? Get it? He’s a badass soldier, but he totally sucks at war games? Genius.

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    Good! Their friendship and comradierie was a high point for the beginning of the film. I hated Duke in Rise of Cobra but loved him in Retalitation. So bring him back. All I can say is nanomites. If they could do what they did for Zartan, I’m sure they can heal a baddly wounded Duke. Have them relaize he wasn’t dead when they went to get the bodies and kept Duke in a medically induced coma.

    • Juggernaut

      Have him be saved and made into Serpentor!!! Then Cobra and the JOE’s have to team up for a showdown with the gang of Cobra-La (obviously renamed for the film).

      • Dedpool

        Interesting. I wouldn’t hate that, but I don’t see him in the part. They should bring in Oded Fehr (The Mummy, Resident Evil) as Serpentor!

        Also bring back Destro, and Baroness some how. Have Colin Farell play Major Blud.

        • Juggernaut

          I would really like to see some version of Serpentor and the COBRA LA. Having an altered Duke set up as Serpentor doesn’t follow the cannon but then again neither did most of the other two films. LOL!.
          Nathan Jones as Nemesis Enforcer would rock!!!
          Johnson’s Roadblock is a solid lead. Having him, a few salvaged members of the team from Retaliation (Flint, Snake-Eyes and Lady Jaye) and some new blood for the Joe’s (Low-Light, Beach Head, Gung-Ho)
          A regrouped COBRA lead by Cobra Commander with the members that you mentioned and maybe a few other fan faves like Xamot & Tomax, Zatanna and the Dreadknoks and you have a solid starting point to make a GI Joe movie.