Jon Chu Will Direct G.I. Joe 2


No wonder “Step Up” guy Jon Chu has been talking publicly about how he’d approach the sequel to “G.I. Joe”. He must have known he was pretty close to getting his chance to carve out an all-new “Joe” movie.

According to Deadline, the director has landed the gig to take over the job from original director Stephen Sommers, who was unceremoniously dumped from the franchise, probably thanks to the overwhelmingly negative reaction to the first “G.I. Joe”. Obviously as many has pointed out, it wasn’t entirely all Sommers’ fault, since someone else had to write the script, but hey, the director gets all the glory, so why not all the blame, too?

Besides the “Step Up” films, Chu previously directed the Justin Bieber concert film “Never Say Never”, and beat out “Law Abiding Citizen’s” F. Gary Gray and “Unknown’s” Jaume Collet-Serra for the job.

Production on the still-untitled “G.I. Joe” sequel is expected to commence later this fall.

Author: Nix

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  • Juggernaut

    I wish that there were a way to express in written word the popping sound made by putting your index finger into your mouth and pushing it out against the side (POP!), unfortunately i’ll have to settle for saying sarcastically YAY!!!

  • Anonymous

    His resume is a Bieber movie and Step Up? I swear he better impress us with this effort since the first one fell flat. They need to do one similar in tone to GI Joe: Cobra by IDW comics. A dark HBO style rendering of the 80’s franchise. Or just actually “read” the Larry Hama comics and do it right. It had the right mix of action, humor and dark moments where the cobras were able to kill several Joe members.

  • OK Records

    I’d be willing to bet he got the job because he was willing to do it for less money than the others.