Jon Favreau Talks Iron Man Sequels

Let’s face it, boys and girls, only an act of God will stop the coming of an “Iron Man” sequel or two after the first one opens in theaters in a few days and blows the doors off the box office. And even God will probably be a fan of ol Shellhead. There is just no way this thing isn’t going to do gangbuster business, and no way anyone is going to keep a sequel or two from happening. Having said that, it’s good news then that director Jon Favreau sounds very gung-ho about coming back to do a second, and possibly a third, installment.

Favreau told Sci Fi Wire this:

“I would love to keep directing these,” Favreau said in an interview in New York over the weekend. “Really, the sky is the limit. I think you’ve got to outdo yourself. I gotta think you’ve got to go bigger, you’ve got to go better. You don’t have the simple sense of discovery of the first one in the sequels, but I’m told the second chapter of these franchises is always the most fun, because you can just play in the sandbox and bring more toys in.”

Favreau said that he’s already given thought to what direction he might take in an Iron Man sequel and that he’d like to follow the character’s development in the comic books.

Various stories, including the alcoholism-themed “Demon in a Bottle” storyline, address the burden Stark feels assuming the role of Iron Man.

“I think what needs to be explored next … is how the weight of being a public superhero is going to affect Tony Stark’s personality and start to expand on the hairline fractures in his personality and his spirit,” Favreau said.

After seeing all the clips of “Iron Man”, Jon Favreau seems born to make “Iron Man”, just as Sam Raimi seemed born to make “Spider-Man”. Well, the first two, anyway. Can we just pretend the third Spidey never happened?

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