Jon Favreau Teases Cowboys and Aliens Poster, Trailer News

Check out another look at Jon Favreau’s “Cowboys and Aliens” via a teaser poster. Still waiting for a trailer, or a teaser trailer, or any footage from the movie, but I suspect that’s forthcoming real soon. Update: It’s coming this Wednesday. Apparently the trailer was shown to a few people last week, and according to I09, the trailer is pretty serious stuff, calling it “both serious western and serious alien invasion movie”, and says:

The filmmakers have long stressed that this movie isn’t a parody or pastiche, and everything we saw confirmed that. Based on what we saw, the trailer accurately captures the movie’s serious — but, importantly, never too serious — tone, and it offers tantalizing hints of how the movie will handle both its Western and alien invasion elements. There are definitely images in the trailer that a western movies buff will be able to pick up on as homages to classics of the genre.

But what really excited us — and took us by surprise — was all the pure action on display in the trailer. Daniel Craig’s work as James Bond has featured some of the most wonderfully brutal fight scenes in recent memory, and he might actually outdo his super spy alter ego in Cowboys and Aliens. He fights early and often, using any weapons available to him, and he aims to kill, whether he’s licensed to or not.

Whoa. The trailer hits this Wednesday.

Starring Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde, Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Noah Ringer, Clancy Brown, Paul Dano, Keith Carradine and directed by Jon Favreau.

Whooping it up July 29, 2011.

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