Jon Favreau Updates Iron Man Trailer

You gotta love Jon Favreau’s fan-friendly approach to directing ol shellhead. Over at the Iron Man myspace page, Favreau has updated the fanboys on when to expect the Iron Man trailer that was originally shown at Comic Con, and can be found here, except this one won’t be a piece of crap where half of the screen is cut off. But I digress. Here’s the news from the horse’s mouth:

For those of you who have been Jonesing to see the Comic Con footage, we now an official teaser trailer that incorporates much of the same imagery. Paramount is debuting the piece in its entirety across the Viacom Network’s highest rated programs. The first appearance will be immediately before the Hills on MTV on 9/10. I’ve listed the schedule of other slots that Paramount marketing has sent me below.

A hi-res version will appear on on 9/11 for those of you who, for whatever reason, choose not to TiVo The Hills.

Comedy Central: The Daily Show 10-Sep
MTV: The Hills 10-Sep (the break leading into the show)
Spike TV : CSI 11-Sep
VH1: The Rock Life 10-Sep
BET: Baldwin Hills 11-Sep
CMT : Trick My Truck 10-Sep
Logo : Rick & Steve 11-Sep
MTV2: Room 401 10-Sep
NAN : Fresh Prince 10-Sep
The N: Fresh Prince 11-Sep
TV Land: Andy Griffith 11-Sep

If only all Hollywood directors were more like Jon, I’d be a happy boy…

Jon Favreau Updates Iron Man Trailer