Jon Favreau Wants to Direct Avengers Movie

I have the “Avengers” movie listed as a possible 2009 film, but that’s probably being overly optimistic. Or is it? MTV recently spoke to “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau about the Avengerse movie, and Favreau had very good things to say about it, including his desire to direct it. But of course, we all know that Favreau’s ability to even direct an Avengers movie will depend almost entirely on how well his Shellhead movie does.


Bring ‘em on, says “Iron Man” director Jon Favreau, who, not only thinks that “The Avengers” is “a great idea,” but even told MTV News that he might like to direct it.

It’ll be a long and winding road for Favreau if he does. Unlike how Warner Brothers is handling “JLA” – where audiences are being asked to accept different actors for Batman and Superman, as well as a whole legion of new characters like Green Lantern and Flash – Favreau insists that Marvel will only go ahead with the project if and when all the individual characters get their own story. It’ll be worth the wait, Favreau claimed, calling this way not only more impressive and formidable – but more consistent as well.

Given Favreau’s ability to open much of “Iron Man” up to the geeks, and as a result has engendered a lot of geek love, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to give the Avengers movie to him.

Surely, it couldn’t be any worst than what is currently happening with the Justice League movie, could it? Dear God, who ever thought Hollywood they would turn D.C.’s mightiest superheroes into Beverly Hills 90210 rejects?

Jon Favreau Wants to Direct Avengers Movie