Jon Snow Heads to Greenland Time

Kit Harington in GAME OF THRONES“Game of Thrones'” Jon Snow knows nothing, but the guy who plays him, Kit Harington, knows plenty. The actor has landed another gig in the psychological thriller “Greenland Time”.

Harington, who is set to shoot the third season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” sometime this Summer, has joined the cast of Sigma/Zentropa’s “Greenland Time” opposite Vera Farmiga (last seen in “Safe House”, and “Source Code” before that, among all the other indie titles she’s managed to sprinkled in-between her Hollywood blockbusters), who will play “a woman out for revenge on the man who killed her daughter in a hit-and-run accident.”

No idea who Harington is playing, possibly the “man” in Farmiga’s gunsights?

Thanks to his role as Night’s Watch recruit Jon Snow, Harington has been making inroads into Hollywood, with roles in the upcoming horror sequel “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” and the fantasy epic “The Seventh Son”. He was also supposed to take one of the co-leads in the Arthurian re-imagining “Arthur and Lancelot”, but Warner Bros. put the kibosh on that one and who knows if it’ll ever get resurrected.

David Newman and Catherine Linstrum will direct “Greenland Time” from their own script, with production set for either October or November of this year.

Vera Farmiga in Safe House (2012) Movie Image

Via : Screen Daily