Jonah Hex Cast Returns for Reshoots

Speaking of John Malkovich in “Jonah Hex”, the latest from the comic book movie Western has the primary cast of Malkovich, Megan Fox, Josh Brolin and Michael Fassbender returning to the set for 10 days of reshoots. The film has yet to host any test screenings, so the reshoots seem to have been directed by the studios, who wants director Jimmy Hayward to “work on story and action,” which apparently includes reshooting 12 pages of additional content. To “help” first-time director Hayward, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have parachuted in “I am Legend” director Francis Lawrence to act as a “consultant”.

There are two possible explanations for the reshoots: one is the usual standby, that the studios have perceived something amiss with the film, and wants it fixed (the fact that they’ve even sent in Lawrence to help out would seem to point to this); while the other explanation involves the film being moved from an August 2010 release to a June Summer tent-pole status, meaning the studios now want to punch up the film with more action and, one imagines, special effects so “Jonah Hex” can compete with the big boys of Summer.

Either/or, they’re reshooting the film with 12 new pages as we speak.