Jonah Hill Says 21 Jump Street Movie is a Comedy

Yup. It’s true. You heard it here from the horse’s mouth itself. Jonah Hill, who Hollywood has unfathomably given an entire movie franchise to develop and, probably, star/direct/produce/whatever, has told MTV that, yes indeedy, he’s making a comedic version of “21 Jump Street” the TV show for the big screen. But, he cautions, it’s not going to be “slapstick”. And he’s got a role for Depp too, if Depp is so inclined.

And here you thought there was even a remote possibility that a “21 Jump Street” movie could possibly be good. Kiss that notion goodbye, kids. It’s gonna suck. And it’s gonna suck HARD. Take note: this is the same crap that Seth Rogen is approaching the Green Hornet movie with.

Best quote from the video: “I wouldn’t wanna do it if it was gonna suck.”

By the way, isn’t this guy too old and too male to be using “like” more than once in a sentence? Seriously, like, what’s up with that? Like.