Jonathan Glendening’s 13Hrs Takes a Bite Out of the US as Night Wolf

I thought one of the coolest things about “Strippers vs. Werewolves” director Jonathan Glendening’s 2010 monster flick “13Hrs” was that you didn’t know what sort of creature you were dealing with until the end of the feature. Lionsgate pretty much spoils the surprise by not only retitling the film “Night Wolf” but also by sticking the beast front and center on the DVD artwork. At any rate, at least the film is finally getting a release here in the States. It’s not the sharpest werewolf movie you’ve ever seen, mind you, but it’s certainly quite a bit stronger than most of its direct-to-video brethren.

Specifically, here’s what the film is about:

Sarah (Isabella Calthorpe) has avoided coming home to visit her family for quite some time. But when she finally does arrive, a storm is raging through her hometown, and she and her family find themselves isolated. As night falls, a bloodthirsty creature emerges and terrorizes the family. Trapped and scared, they must survive together to outwit the creature hunting them.

“Night Wolf” stars Isabella Calthorpe, Gemma Atkinson, Joshua Bowman, and Tom Felton. You can pick up a copy of the flick when it hits retail shelves on April 24th, 2012. If you’re unfamiliar with this one, educate yourselves by enrolling in the trailer embedded below.

Via : DVD Active