Jonathan Lewis’ Black Devil Doll Is Finally Coming To DVD

BlackDevilDollIf, like me, you’ve been following the unstoppable buzz surrounding director Jonathan Lewis’ goofy 2007 retro exploitation extravaganza “Black Devil Doll” for quite some time, you’re probably wondering when, precisely, the film is scheduled to debut on DVD. The wait, I’m happy to report, is officially over: “Black Devil Doll,” the film that should, according to its own hype, offend just about everyone, will have its way with your fragile psyche on October 27th, which is just in time for Halloween. How cool is that? I’m certainly excited, though my expectations have been properly restrained until my own eyes have seen the glory for themselves. The premise might sound intriguing, but the execution could be sorely lacking. You know how it is.

In case you were wondering, the synopsis:

Five beautiful young women, one evil, murderous puppet. Heather thought that a Ouija board was nothing but an innocent child’s game. Little did she know, this child’s game would open a flaming door to hell and re-animate the soul of a recently executed black militant serial killer! With his spirit now trapped in the body of a trash-talking ventriloquist doll, Heather and her friends must fight off the unrelenting horrors and unspeakable deviant advances of a three foot killer with a taste for young flesh and warm blood.

Stupid? Possibly. Cheesy? Definitely. Tasteless? You bet. Check out the not-safe-for-work trailer below if you’re in doubt.