Jonathan Liebesman is the Frontrunner to Direct Clash of the Titans Sequel

Well, at least this time they’ll actually shoot in 3D instead of (poorly) converting it after the fact, which should have ease some of the backlash against the film. Of course, that backlash didn’t exactly keep the film down, as the first remake went on to earn $487 million worldwide, including $161 million at home.

The candidate to take over the reins from Louis Leterrier (who apparently didn’t feel like coming back for a second time) is Jonathan Liebesman, an up-and-comer currently working on the sci-fi actioner “Battle: Los Angeles”. The LATimes says Liebesman is currently the favorite of Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures for the gig, with the money people hoping to get production started by January 2011 in order to get star Sam Worthington before he’s called off by the siren song of James Cameron’s “Avatar” sequel, which if it’s anything like the first “Avatar”, will take a hell of a long time to shoot.

If the job falls through, Liebesman’s also got a “re-imagining” of Homer’s “Odysseus” waiting at Warner Bros. for him to pick up after finishing “Battle: Los Angeles”. Honestly? I hope he doesn’t get the job. I’d rather see a movie about Odysseus then another one about the lifeless Perseus. (Of course, that whole “lifeless” part may just be Sam Worthington’s acting…)

'Sequel? Sequel! What am I, the sequel king! Oh right, yes I am.'