Jonathan Mostow Updates Sub-Marine Movie

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Is The Sub-Mariner really that popular with comic book fans and non-fans that Hollywood is actually going to spend millions of dollars development and then making it? Apparently so, or at least, the interest seems to be there. The boys at Collider got in a word with the film’s would-be director, Jonathan Mostow, and he filled them in on what’s been happening with everyone’s favorite moody aquatic superhero. In a word: not much.

According to Mostow, who is putting the finishing touches on his Bruce Willis sci-fi actioner “Surrogates”, Namor and pal won’t be coming to the big screen anytime soon. The issue, Mostow says, is the script, which isn’t quite ready enough to move the project forward.

Also, Mostow reiterates that “Sub-Mariner” the character is currently the property of Universal, and not Marvel Studios. Which means if Namor gets turned into a live-action superhero, he probably won’t have much to do with Marvel Studios’ expanding movie comic book universe characters. Which, if you know the history of the character, is unfortunate. Can you imagine Namor and his Atlantis army as the villains in an Avengers movie? Now that would be something to see.

It takes a real man to pull off scaley undies.

It takes a real man to pull off scaley undies.

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