Jonathan Nolan Will Probably Direct Superman Reboot


Oh, Superman, will they ever stop rebooting you? Probably not, and if Warner Bros. does go on and reboot the character one more time like they plan to (a 2012 release date is already on the schedule), it might be with a Nolan behind the camera after all. Unfortunately, it will probably be Jonathan Nolan, and not that other Nolan that fanboys everywhere would just cream in their pants if they heard was directing. You know, the guy from Gotham City?

Anyways, the news is courtesy of Moviehole, who confirms via unnamed sources that the lesser known Nolan is indeed “the current frontrunner” to helm the “Superman” reboot for the studio. Not a big surprise, because I think most people knew this was coming after previous, Nolan-heavy announcements regarding the property.

Of course, it helps that the WB is dying for Christopher Nolan to get off his “Inception” butt and give them a “Batman 3″ movie already, and they would probably do just about anything to push him along, even tentatively agreeing to give “Superman” to his little bro. They could always change their mind later on, after all, though that would probably really piss Nolan off. But hey, it’s Hollywood, anything can happen from one day to the next. It also helps greatly that Christopher Nolan has been announced as “godfathering” the “Superman” reboot along with his “Batman” writer David Goyer.

So yeah, all the cards seem stacked for Jonathan Nolan to jump into the directing ring, though it’s surprising he would want to start out on such a big project like “Superman”. Seems mighty “more than you can chew” to me, though I suppose having big brother around to help out might sway some of the concerns the studio and fans may have.

By the way, Moviehole adds that the studio is, indeed, looking at a TV actor to play the lead…

'Jonathan Nolan? Really? Isn't he too -- excuse me while I take out these punks shooting at me.'

Author: Nix

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  • Bad Zack

    if they make this reboot like batman begins with some hans zimmer music then it will be great –

  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    He has been on board for both of Chris Nolan's Batman films in some way so this isn't too surprising, but yeah that's a mightybig step. Also though Nix you made a good and very improtant point that Chris will be producing and therefore can help steer it in the right direction.

  • LSB

    It says at moviehole-
    “Also, it is a TV star that they're looking at for the lead – but, despite what that article says, I don't believe anyone has actually tested.” (He/She has heard nothing of Zachary Levi being considered).

    So there you have it, Nolan is the frontrunner for the job.

    Sorry? What? Oh, you want to know which “TV star” is currently atop of the WB wishlist?

    Says our insider, “[He's a] popular TV actor that no one is thinking of, but everyone will be thrilled with if he pulls on the blue tights”

    Your first guess is likely the right one.

    My guess is Tom Welling since he its a popular TV actor and fans will be trilled to see him dawn the tights, but it also says “no one is thinking about” so it kinda throws those hopes and dreams away, but then says your first guess is likely the right one. Man its all confusing. But i hope its Tom. But what do you guys think is the right TV actor that is famous to wear the tights?

  • Brian

    See the problem with this is it has a Nolan name attached. Even if it sucks, people are going to praise it because it's a Nolan.

  • Adam Leonard Cable

    no way tom welling. ridiculous. it has to be BRANDON ROUTH!!

    • keepin it real

      Routh sucked as superman the whole movie did. It just felt wrong. They need to wash there hands of the last movie!!!

    • Keepin it real

      Ridiculous??? Christopher Reed didn’t seem to think so!!!

  • mikaela

    ahh! tom welling!! pleaseee!!

    • Keepin it real

      I agree Tom Welling to play Superman. Look at the facts. Everone that played in the old Superman movies has had parts on Smallville Christopher Reed (Dr. Swan)Margot Kidder (Lois) Annette O’Toole (Lana) Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen) Even the girl who played Supergirl was on Smallville Helen Slater (Lara-El) It’s like they were handing the torch to Smallvile.

  • Sfreemovie

    Superman Returns – disappointment. I hope they make the new movie unrelated to the previous. Not just new actors, but better story. Don’t let the story drag…cut out the boring parts! Make the action fast and clever, the romance short and sweet, the story fun to follow. Seemed like “Superman Returns” was not edited very well.

  • Zimmer

    Well I thought Superman returns was a great superman movie. I’m definitely not looking forward to the reboot.

  • Jumpballer2244

    Here are some thoughts to keep in mind. I thought Superman Returns was a good movie, but it did base itself towards the orinigal when Lex and Superman where at it. If they really wanted it to a successfull flim, they should have brought more action and not towards the orignial. If Superman left Earth in search of his home planet, maybe he should have brought something back. Like Brainiac! Lex Luthor could have been rich and powerful and had people on his side because he had brought jobs and found cure’s. In the long run, Lex was in it for the money and had secrect files of certain people and stuff like that. Anyways, back to the story. Superman brings back something that has these three symbols (Brainiac) and brings it to his lair to find out what these three symbols mean. His father gives him the detail of what the symbols are and who was it. Come to find out its a piece of Brainaic’s memory/computer processor. Lex Luthor learns that Superman has returned and has found out that Superman brought something back. Superman brings it to someone that he trust within the company LexCorp and Lex Luthor finds out about this system. The system is way above its time and could be the best super computer in the world. Lex manage’s to get this item and takes it to his highly computer specialist. They found out that this computer was the cause of Supermans home planet being destroyed and was the Super Computer of Krypton. While unlocking its secret, the chip manage to manifest itself to LexCorp or manifest to the Computer Specialist and turns him to a Super Human Computer or a Machine. Well you pretty got much of the stroy just by reading and giving detail. I think it would be an awesome flim and also could try to tie in to the Death Of Superman with Doomsday. This will bring the action back to Superman and make it close to a successful as TDK.

  • Jhaye

    I strongly agree with Jumpballer2244……