Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Mandrake the Magician

I don’t know a whole lot about Jonathan Rhys Meyers, only that I sometimes mistake him for Jonny Lee Miller. It’s not that they have exactly three names, both starting with the letter “J” and ending with last names that start with the letter “M”, but because they’re about the same age, look kinda the same, and they’re both from around the same spots or thereabouts — Miller is English, Meyers Irish. Basically, I’m convinced they’re the same guy, going by two different names, in order to lengthen their movie career. So, if Meyers’ career wanes, he’ll stop being Meyers and become Miller, and vice versa. But I digress. The Hollywood Reporter announces that Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been cast in the leading role of Mandrake the Magician in the upcoming movie of the same name to be directed by Chuck Russell.


Jonathan Rhys Meyers will star as the eponymous hero of Omega Entertainment and Baldwin Entertainment Group’s “Mandrake,” with “The Scorpion King” helmer Chuck Russell behind the camera, the backers said Tuesday.

Billed as an updated take on the classic Hearst comic book, the Mandrake character is an extreme escape artist embroiled in international espionage.

“Mandrake” marks the first picture to result from Omega and Baldwin’s first-look production deal.

I don’t know all that much about Mandrake the Magician, and he seems like a really low-tier character to be bringing to the big screen. Which probably means getting the rights was cheap, and there is potential to make this a good movie, since the character comes with no real expectations, and hence, no real constraints.

See “Blade” for an example of low expectations = high rewards.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers is Mandrake the Magician