Jonesing for Guns and Explosions? Black Ransom Has Enough to Go Around

BlackRansomEvery so often I feel the need to selfishly indulge in a little Hong Kong action involving cops, heavily-armed gunmen, and a metric ton of snazzy explosions. And while Keung Kwok Man’s “Black Ransom” looks exactly like every other police-oriented shoot-em-up that comes screaming out of China every year, I’m still somewhat intrigued by the trailer embedded below. Maybe it’s the collage of snipers, men with cell phones looking into the air, and intense Mexican stand-offs — whatever the case may be, I’m totally jazzed about the movie. On top of everything else, the flick stars Simon Yam. Even if it sucks to the highest of heavens, it’s still got Simon Yam in its proverbial corner.

Here’s the synopsis, courtesy of 24 Frames Per Second:

Cheung Bo-Man used to be an elite in the police force. He was an idol among the younger police cadets for being an ace shooter, highly observant and a calm mind. However, after the murder of his wife by triads, he lost the motivation to live and sunk into depression. His relationship with his daughter also deteriorated. During this time, he encountered the greatest challenge of his life.

He is sent to investigate a series of kidnappings and murders of triad leaders by the newly posted Chief Superintendent of Police, Ku Kwok Kiong. The perpetrators of the crimes were higher organized, professional, cruel and violent. After investigation, he found that the leader of the perpetrators was an ex-police officer (Michael Miu) and all his underlings were ex-SDU members. Therefore, they were familiar with police procedures and techniques which enabled them to predict the police’s moves. He soon found that Cheung Bo-Man is after his trails and a life-death battle of courage and wits unfolds.

The film is currently scheduled for release in Hong Kong this January. Enjoy the clip below.