Jonny Lee Miller Leading the Walking Dead?

Call me shallow, but to me Jonny Lee Miller will always be known as the lucky dog who tapped Angelina Jolie before she became Angelina Jolie, thanks to a little (and in hindsight, very silly) hacker film called “Hackers” in 1995. So what’s been going on with Zero Cool lately? Besides losing out on the Jolie nightly visits, he’s been doing lots of movies and starred in a couple of canceled TV shows (“Eli Stone”, “Smith”), and according to Bloody-Disgusting, he’s currently the frontrunner to lead the pack in AMC’s “The Walking Dead” TV show.

If Miller does get cast, he’ll play Rick Grimes, a police officer in a small town who, according to the original comics by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, wakes up from a coma in the hospital only to discover that his town has been overrun with zombies while he was out. (Sorta like “28 Days Later” minus the gratuitous nut shot.) Grimes then has to pick up the pieces and go in search of his missing wife and child, who have escaped the infestation with Rick’s best friend Shane (to be played by Jon Bernthal). Together, they must brave a world now overrun with zombies.

The series is being produced by Frank Darabont, who will also direct the pilot for AMC sometime in June.

Update: THR reports that AMC has given “The Walking Dead” a 6-episode order for a October 2010 premiere.

Zombies are always ruining Christmas.