Joseph Fiennes and Eva Green Cast Spells in Starz’s Camelot

Eva Green in a medieval TV show about wizards and sorcerers and kings and maidens? That’s a no brainer. Green will be headlining the new Starz original TV show “Camelot”, based on the King Author legend, alongside former “FlashForward” star Joseph Fiennes (left), who seems to have found no difficulty landing another gig now that his sci-fi show is kaput.

The lovely Green (below), who already showed off her medieval assets in Ridley Scott’s “Kingdom of Heaven”, will be playing the sorceress Morgana, while Fiennes will portray her opposite, the legendary wizard Merlin. The article seems to suggest that Morgana and Merlin will be the main focus of the show, which would be a first. Well, if you don’t count a younger Merlin in the British TV series “Merlin”, I mean.

The duo will be joining Jamie Campbell Bower (last seen in “The Prisoner” remake and the “Harry Potter” films) and Tamsin Egerton (the “St Trinian’s” movies, and the upcoming caper flick “4,3,2,1”), who will be playing Arthur and Guinevere, respectively. Both are relatively young actors, so it adds to the idea of “Camelot” being really about Merlin and Morgana, and not “the kids”.

The first season of “Camelot” will consist of ten episodes, and is set to go before the cameras later this month on location in Ireland. Look for “Camelot” on the Starz premium channel early next year, very likely paired up with the channel’s hit show “Spartacus”.