Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Doctor Strange?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper (2012) Movie Image

Someone give the man a cape and a goatee!

Is Batman’s little buddy Joseph Gordon-Levitt the man for the job to defend Earth from magical evil? According to the boys at Latino-Review, they are hearing rumblings that Marvel execs are looking at the “Don Jon” and “Dark Knight Rises” star for the Sorcerer Supreme.

LR has apparently been on something of a Doctor Strange tear, and recently got their hands on what they claim are plot points for the upcoming Marvel movie (see those below). According to them, the main character in the current iteration of the script is a 30-something man. That fits Gordon-Levitt, who is 32 at the moment, though he could probably play 25. Dude is young looking.

Gordon-Levitt is certainly a talented enough chap to pull off any role he sets his mind to it. He’s like James Franco in that way. You don’t think they’re right for something, but then they shows up and do it, and you realize you didn’t know what you were talking about in the first place.

But as Doctor Strange? I would have preferred someone more seasoned or grizzled like Timothy Olyphant myself, but hey, I’m not Marvel, and I don’t have a movie franchise to get off the ground.

Apparently this is just something Marvel is talking about amongst themselves, so it doesn’t mean there are any offers on the table, or that they’ve even talked to JGL about it. So, you know, someone might have overheard the suits mention JGL, and voila, you have a story about Joseph Gordon-Levitt as potentially playing Doctor Strange.

But hey, now you have something to talk about for Monday!