Joseph Gordon-Levitt Close to Suiting up as Batman in Justice League Movie?


Superman and Batman by Alex RossLook, there’s a very big possibility that this rumor has absolutely no grain of truth whatsoever, but it does come from a pretty reliable site. And let’s face it, even if it doesn’t turn out to be true, no one will remember I ever posted this today. So, with that said, is Joseph Gordon-Levitt your new Batman? Does that mean he’s close to signing on for the role? And should we expect to see JGL in the batsuit even earlier than Warner’s planned 2015 launch of the “Justice League” movie? Maybe, maybe, and maybe again.

According to Drew McWeeny’s website Hitfix, Warner is already trying to get Gordon-Levitt into the batsuit, following up on his character’s ending in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”.


As you’ll recall, at the end of “The Dark Knight Rises”, Gordon-Levitt’s John Blake character had essentially inherited Batman’s batcave and everything in it from Batman himself. The idea, of course, is that Blake would continue on as Gotham City’s protector now that Batman is, well, in Paris somewhere with Catwoman. Or if you don’t buy that theory, then he’s dead. Either way, Gotham City needs a new protector.


That all sets up perfectly for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to take over as either Batman, Robin, or perhaps, even Nightwing. But definitely a costumed vigilante of some sort.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Movie Image

According to Hitfix, it’ll be Batman — and you might see him even earlier than 2015:

According to sources, Joseph Gordon-Levitt absolutely will be appearing in “Justice League” as the new Batman.

Now here’s where things get interesting. The more insistent the drumbeat has become, the more poking around I’ve been doing, and it’s looking like we may see Gordon-Levitt in the suit earlier than that. They’re a long way from filming anything “Justice League” related, but they appear to be solidifying deals for Gordon-Levitt and, potentially, at least one other actor from the Nolan films to do… something.

Hitfix seems to insinuate that “other actor” being Gary Oldman, reprising his Commissioner Gordon role from the Nolan Batman movies. Which, you know, would make sense.

The idea, of course, is to do what Marvel did with their Marvel Movie Universe — build the universe brick by brick instead of just tossing it all into one big grab bag with a “Justice League” movie in 2015. Marvel did this with “Iron Man”, culminating in the world-beating box office juggernaut called “The Avengers”. Hollywood is nothing if not willing to follow trends that have proved box office winners.

Also, there was that “Man of Steel” article we posted yesterday about Zack Snyder perhaps confirming that his “Man of Steel” was very much a part of an overall plan that Warner Bros. was cooking for their D.C. Movie Universe.

Of course, this could all be crap, in which case, hey, I’m just telling you what I read. Don’t shoot the messenger and all that.

Justice League by Alex Ross

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  • Basara

    if they use JGL`s character like they did in the Nolan movies this going to be a fiasco!!! there will be no Bruce Wayne? Fak that… but if he is going to be the new Bruce wayne (like the Nolan movies never existed), then it is ok, I guess.

  • Aegon the Conqueror

    That guy is waaay to skinny for Batman. and I don’t see him doing a Christian Bale.

    • Waldo

      exactly… the guy needs to seriously buff up and gain 30 pounds of muscle or something :P

    • Lexavi80

      JGL bulked up for his latest film. He can definably do it again to fit in the batsuit.

  • Debo4735

    JGL is to short and skinny to play Batman, but that can be altered with lifts, and some weight gain. This is Hollywood look at Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher who is decribed as being like 6’4″ and 200lb. plus. I would like to see JGL as Knight Wing looking for a new Batman to take over the mantle ala the comics with Jean-Paul Valley.

    • Dedpool

      I think it’d be possible. And he’s a very good actor, but it’s a stretch. He should defintiely be Nightwing. I also don’t think he should be looking for a replacement but finds someone regardless.

  • 0ptik

    In justice league universe, everything starts with bruce wayne, the financing and the intel and ninja skills. How will they do that with JGL’s character who has none of that but good intentions.

    • Lexavi80

      Maybe Bruce Wayne will still be part of the mix, but from the outside. He’s in Paris now, but his planning his Batman Inc. program, that becomes the Justice League program.

      Something like that.

      • Dedpool

        That would completely go against everything that the end of Dark Knight Rises stood for. I mean Bruce Wayne is “dead” for all intents and purposes. His Money is split between himself, Alfred and maintining the Mansion which is now an orpahnage and probably a bit to Blake too. Besides the whole point is that Batman is either Batman or he’s not there is no in between.

        • Lexavi80

          Well… Bruce Wayne was also “dead” at the end of The Dark Knight Returns, but we know how everything went up after that.

          Just saying.

        • Lexavi80

          But it won’t be like that.

          Reps for JGL already denied any involvement on the mentioned super hero film. So there’s that too.

          They will start Batman in a fresh manner.

          • Dedpool

            I hope so cause trying to ride the coatails of the Nolanverse just wouldn’t pan out well.

    • Dedpool

      Have Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) be the financer, but that said I still think it needs to be Bruce.

      • 0ptik

        I dunno, i didnt enjoy that part of Smallville having oliver queen the financer instead of bruce wayne.

        • Dedpool

          That was Smallville, and that version of both the Justice league and Green Arrow never did it for me. That said, I was just throwing a suggestion out for how it could work if they went that route.

  • justjoe

    Just a crappy rumor. Nothing else (at least I hope so). First off, the justice league has no place in the superserious and hyperrealistic “Nolanverse”. And second, if you do a JL movie with Batman, it have to be the real one, Bruce Wayne. The character is way more iconic and more familiar to the audience than Levitt´s role. They better built an upcoming new Batman franchise up than continuing an old one, which is already finished!

  • Online72

    I hope they leave Nolan’s world alone. I saw the last installment once. No desire to see it again or, even buy the DVD etc. So, making that the corner stone for the JLA world won’t work for me. As for JGL being cast, can we please get casting that comes close to how the characters are depicted in the pixs by artist Alex Ross? (Just once…please?) I can certainly see him (maybe) playing Robin/Nightwing.

    • Dedpool

      I love Alex Ross’ art. Love it. But in my opinion thats the way they are viewed in the silver age. All of them are almost middle aged men. Now don’t get me wrong, a good story with a veteran JLA would be great, but has to be done right and feel as if the heroes are the icons we know and love and had lots of adventures together and on their own.

      • LSB

        Even though JGL is a good actor and probably do a great job, why not get a no name to play batman? Maybe someone who is an ex fighter that can show case batman’s athletic ability and fighting skills? Maybe Scott Atkins could do it or maybe just stay with Armie Hammer? That’s just my two cents but who ever they pick has to give us the bats that’s more inline with the comics but also keeping some of the things that Nolan created like dark and gritty.

        • Dedpool

          Batman is dark and gritty so that has to stay. Adkins is a beast but don’t see him in the part. Hammer either but who knows. Let the fan casting begin.

  • Timmanyatingey

    After seeing the latest Man of Steel trailer, warner could ONLY succeed in the JL movie if they incorporate Henry Cavill’s rendition. Please make theNew Batman at least the same size as Bales. They keep gettin smaller on the big screen compared to Reeve’s superman-still an inspiration.

  • Juggernaut

    I’m still hoping that despite Bale’s statements he does return. It would be epic to see Bale and Cavill side by side. JGL could be introduced in the sequel as Nightwing.

    • Lexavi80

      I’m with you all the way!!

      I like Joseph Gordon Levitt a lot, but he’s no Batman. I would love to see him as Nightwing though!