Joseph Gordon-Levitt is NOT Alberto Falcone in the Dark Knight Rises?


EW, quoting unnamed “inside sources”, says that’s very much the case, though they conveniently refrain from saying who Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be playing in Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rise”. Mind you, they don’t even say that they know who he’ll be playing, but they are calling the previous reports “incorrect”. Odd, that. So do they know or don’t they, or are they being hoodwinked?

In case you missed it, a previous report from Variety had Gordon-Levitt officially signed on to co-star in “The Dark Knight Rises” alongside his “Inception” co-star Tom Hardy (playing Bane), and that Gordon-Levitt’s character is that of Alberto Falcone, son of Carmine Falcone, played by Tom Wilkinson in “Batman Begins”.

I guess we’ll know for sure when Warner releases their press release sometime in the future.

Author: Nix

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  • Bad Zack

    riddler — its gonna happen

    • Dedpool

      Meh, not holding my breath. LOL. Though he’d be freaking awesome!

  • Brian

    While I’m still not a fan of Nolan’s Batman, I’m still going to see this…but I have extreme concerns. Most notably in the onslaught of new characters being introduced with this movie. Now if Spiderman 3 and Iron Man 2 have taught us anything it’s that you can’t jam a ton of characters into one movie (more specifically a sequel to a superhero movie)…well unless it’s 4 or 5 hours long. I’m a big fan of JGL and am excited to see him in something like this but again, I have my concerns. Now the obvious response from a Nolan fanboy would be “well it’s Nolan so no worries” and that, is not good enough for me.

  • Juggernaut

    I can’t take the suspense! Who is he going to play? Either way, it’s Nolan so no worries.

  • Wild Rover

    Joker cameo

  • FHM_SV



    i say joker too

  • Juggernaut

    He will play Alberto Falcone, the son of Carmine Falcone, who runs away and joins the circus. He’s adopted and changes his name to Dick “Robin” Grayson. After having his new family killed he leaves the circus, goes insane and begins mimicking The Joker until foiled by Batman. He narrowly escapes and adopts a new persona, The Riddler! In the final Showdown, Batman defeats him, deduces his true identity and begins to mentor him as his new protege, Nightwing!!! Lol. We won’t know who he’s really playing until something official comes from Nolan and WB.

    • Dedpool


  • Dsign500

    i just saw some reports that he is playing the holiday killer….anyone care to fill me in on who that is?

    • Dsign500

      nevermind…i am doofus…

  • Ulik

    Wow! I have no idea who he’ll be playing. The suspense is driving me crazy. I might be wrong that he’ll be playing Falcone but all this hype about him playing such an obscure and not-so interested character has me thinking he’ll be a more iconic character. Probably Black Mask or The Riddler. If he’s The Riddler I will go crazy! I think he’d be be perfect for that. Well just have to wait and see.

    • Ulik

      I forgot, so he reportedly won’t be playing Falcone, so yeah it’ll either be a classic or new character obviously. I’m hoping for The Riddler!!!

      • Dedpool

        Or it’s misinformation! LOL.

      • Juggernaut

        I’m really hoping for Hush! Levitt would be a great Hush. A bit younger than Bale but still relatively possible. While I was okay with him playing Falcone, I’m glad that it is still up in the air. With so many possibilities the anticipation is at a fever pitch. Can’t wait for this movie.

        • Dedpool

          Hush would rock, and JGL would be great but I just don’t see him ending the trilogy with a mostly unknown villain. Just saying.

          Sent on the go.

  • Lexavi80

    I was thinking he’ll play Falcone. I was ok with that. If not, I hope he plays Dick Grayson (not necessarily Robin) or some badass cop.

    Don’t you think that so far Batman have tons of villains in this movie to just add another?.